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Issue 5 | Volume 2| April 2013
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Did You Know?
Diversity Fair

On Tuesda, April 9th, 2013 Adaptive Educational Services participated inthe First Annual Staff Diversity Resource Fair. With a goal of enhancing IUPUI through diversity, equity and inclusion in support of all, AES joined offices like:

Multicultural Success Center, International Affairs, The Office of Equal Opportunity, The Office of Sustainability, Indiana University Police Department, Critical Race Dialogues and Study Abroad Programs, Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community, MOSAIC, Office for Women, Fairbanks School of Public Health, Black Faculty and Staff Council, Latino Faculty and Staff Council, Native American Faculty Staff Council, LGBT Faculty Staff Council, Asian and Pacific American Faculty Staff Council, IUPUI Staff Council, the Center for Adult and Lifelong Learning & Division of Continuing Studies, Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation, IUPUI Solutions Center
and more...
The Proof is in the Chili...

This past month our student workers have been taking what is affectionately known as "The Chili Challenge". Dominic Dorsey who
is our Assistant Director of ADAAA Compliance and Services as well as the supervisor for our student workers frequently brings in food as a reward for all their hard work.
Thomasina Video Malcolm Video
MonTrell Video Keith Interview Video
Malcolm Video 2 Malcolm Recovering from Chili
Montrell Video 2 Bhaumik

Things all went downhill once they accused his chili of not being "hot enough" considering his affinity for spicy food; little did they know he was sparing them from a fiery fate. As requested, he brought in a new batch of chili scaled a "7" out of 10. The above photos are links to videos that chronicle the hilarious antics that ensued.
Get to Know AES
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View our latest video "Getting to Know AES" to find out more about our services.
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Stay Connected

In the aftermath of the last campus-wide alert, Adaptive Educational Services is seeking once again to ensure all of our students stay connected and have as much information possible in order to be safe and secure while on campus. Very soon we will be setting up our own AES Alerts system which will offer specific information about IUPUI Emergency situations and how they impact individuals with disabilities. In order to receive this service however, you must "opt-in". If you would like to sign up, please click here to fill out our form and we'll do the rest.

This will get information to you via e-mail, home phone and any other device you choose. Remember, you will not receive text alerts to your phone unless you have this field filled out on your OneStart profile. If you wish to receive text message alerts from AES Alerts and IU Notify, you must fill this form out.


AES Staff

Student Workers Honored for Appreciation Week

National Student Employee Appreciation Week

Every year IUPUI celebrates National Student Employment Appreciation Week by engaging students and employers in a variety of activities to promote student employment experiences and developments. Each year the campus recognizes the Student Employee of the Year

and Student Supervisor of the Year as part of a luncheon ceremony with the rest of the week spent treating student employees to fun games, fashion shows, food, and prizes.

Soony Tyra Sharifah

Shuennhau Chang


Sharifah Kyazike

This year, Adaptive Educational Services was proud to nominate three outstanding student workers: Shuennhau Chang, Tyra Whitson and Sharifah Kyazike.

Congratulations to all of our distinguished nominees!! We had an exceptional experience at the luncheon and hope to nominate more students in the future!


Preparing for Finals...

We realize that finals are right around the corner. Many of you have already made preparations to take your exams either with us or in class. As you get mentally ready to fill in scantrons and construct essays, we just want to provide you with a few tips to make sure for these upcoming finals you're most equipped you've ever been.

Schedule your tests early!

Remember there are several factors you need to take into account when scheduling your tests for Finals Week. For instance:
  • We have a 48 Hour Advanced Notice policy, which means you must give us two business days’ notice before your test is to be proctored when scheduling an exam. So if you schedule a test on Friday, it won't be entered for Monday.
  • Window Tests must be scheduled Monday- Thursday before 5 pm and Fridays before 3 pm. No window exams will be scheduled for a weekend. Only departmental finals will be proctored on Saturday and Sunday during Finals.
  • Take advantage of convenient options! You can schedule in person, online through our website or immediately after your last exam over in the lab. If you know when you’re test is, there’s no excuse to wait until the last minute to schedule it.

Here are a few more helpful hints in how to mentally prepare for finals week:

1. Don’t psych yourself out
You can destroy your confidence early by putting too much pressure on yourself. Before you take finals as a life or death scenario, check to see what the final is worth in each course. Remember, it is only one component of your final grade. If it is worth 20% or less, you probably won't be able to bring your final grade up or down by more than one grade level (e.g., B to B+), unless you perform substantially better or worse than you have on previous exams and assignments throughout the semester.

2. Don’t take it too lightly
Although the last statement was true, you should still try to do as well on the final as you possibly can. ┬áSometimes the final is a big part of your final grade (30% or more), which is likely to make a huge difference in your final average. Don’t go in with the mentality of “I only need 70% to pass). Aim for the best possible score for the best possible result.

3. Don’t forget about “ME” time.
This is NOT the time to stop exercising or doing other things that you find enjoyable. Pace yourself! You will study more effectively if you spread things out and take breaks. But keep everything in moderation, find a healthy balance. 15 minutes of studying followed by a two-hour break to play a video game is not smart time management.

4. Study effectively.
If you want to retain what you’ve studied, cramming won’t work. The key to effective retention is repetition, not overloading your brain (it can only absorb so much in an hour).

5. Get enough sleep.
You will do better if you are rested, and cramming often leads to a superficial and confused knowledge of the material you have studied. There is a reason why sleep deprivation is used as torture. Failure to follow #4 and 5 can lead to writing nonsense on exams. Teachers often fall off their chairs laughing at some of the silly statements that appear on finals.

6. Resist the urge to party on "off" days.
Instead, if you have a break in your exam schedule, use it to get a head start on the exams coming up. REMEMBER: if you party, you will need to recover! Recovering during an exam or test would definitely not be the best idea.

7. Arrive on time for the exam.
Be especially careful about setting your alarm the night before. Save yourself the anxiety and embarrassment of arriving late. Needless to say, you may also need every minute of the exam period to finish the exam.

8. Don’t worry about others finishing earlier than you.
This could mean ANYTHING. It often means these students have written a mediocre or poor exam. Take the time YOU need.

10. When the exam is over, let it go!
Forget it! Move on to the next one, or go enjoy the break! If you do have major concerns, make an appointment to see your professor at a mutually convenient time


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