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Issue 4 | Volume 2| March 2013
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Did You Know?
AES // LGBT Safe Space

All of the support staff and many of our student workers have participated in LGBT Safe Space Training? AES advertises and operates on campus as a safe space open and accepting for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all students where anti-LGB violence or harassment will not be tolerated.

Congratulations to Javad Momayez on 25 years of service!

Javad Momayez

Three words describe Javad: loyalty, commitment, and honesty. Javad's love of the institution, his loyalty to IUPUI, and his commitment to the students and the faculty has made him an exemplary employee and more importantly a friend. Adaptive Educational Services is privileged to have someone like Javad on staff. He has taken our testing accommodations to a level of "service with distinction".
Women's History Fact
This Women's History Month, we seek to highlight Women with disabilites and women who've pioneered in disability rights and activism:

You may know about Helen Keller, but the world learned of deaf education through the lives of Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace.

Heather McCallum's
year as Miss America was a "first" for the deaf and disabled, winning on her S.T.A.R.S (Success Through Action an Realization of you dreamS) platform
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Getting Down to Business
As we approach Spring Break, we inch ever closer to finals and one of the busiest times of year on campus; especially for Adaptive Educational Services! In this issue we hope to enlighten you about a few of our new services as well as give some clarification to services already put in place. Without further adeu, here's the March issue of The Collaborator!

Online Test Scheduling

Perhaps the most frequently needed accommodations used by students with disabilities is testing accommodations. This service may include accommodations such as extended time on exams, scribes for writing down answers on tests, enlarged formatted tests, readers, or a quiet testing environment.

For the past several years we have been taking these scheduled appointments in person or over the phone and most recently sent online reciepts of your scheduling. We've recently taken the ease of scheduling tests one step further.

If you would like to schedule your test or examination online, you may now do so on our website by visiting the link: Please fill out the form below in its entierty. Please keep in mind that your test must be proctored on the same day and time as your exam unless given specific written permission from your professor to take it on another day.

All tests scheduled online must also adhere to the 48 hour policy. Any tests scheduled during non-business hours (Saturday & Sunday), will be scheduled through our system during our regular business hours (Monday -Thursday 8am-7pm and Friday 8am-5pm).

Sorry We Missed You // No Show Exams

For the benefit of our hard working instructors; we would like to pass along the same dedication and service with distinction to you that we afford our students each and every day. With that being said, in the spirit of open and continuous communication we will be sending notifications to professors in two specific instances that we have not done previously in the past.

phone app

Sorry We Missed You

Presently, when you receive your tests back; the routing sheet attached will have notes about the transportation of the documents enclosed. Many times with notifications about delivery attempts where no one was available to receive it or the office door was locked. Now when we make an unsuccessful attempt to deliver your exam; you will receive a notification via e-mail that we will attempt to deliver it again at a later time. You may use this opportunity to give instructions on how to get your exam at a different location if you so choose.

No Show Exams

As with the test transportation, we also make note on the test routing sheet whether or not a student no-showed an examination. Now we will also send a notification to the student and the professor indicating a no-show for the scheduled appointment. These incidents of no-shows will be recorded in student files and excessive no-shows can result in suspension of AES Services.

These are just a few of the many ways AES is working to improve our services and make for fluid and secure transactions involving your academic tests.

Need to send a test? Here's where to go...

Instead of sending tests to our address where we receive all forms of major correspondence, we have now created an address to forward your exams that is just as secure, and specifically designed to handle the bulk of your exams from semester to semester.
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For tests, exams and quizzes please forward all documentation (i.e. .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, etc.) to our new address

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