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AES Mission

AES is the IUPUI office dedicated to working with students with documented disabilities to ensure that these students receive the appropriate accommodations so they have an equal opportunity to be successful at higher education.

AES Goals
  • AES receives students' documentation of disabilities, evaluates it in order to determine the correct accommodations and services students are entitled to receive.
  • AES provides some accommodations for students and directs them to other campus or off-campus groups that can provide other assistance.
  • AES works to educate the IUPUI staff and faculty both in Indianapolis and at Columbus regarding the university's and its employees' legal responsibilities regarding students with disabilities.
  • AES works with academic units to provide academic substitutions and waivers for students with disabilities which do not fundamentally alter those programs' standards.
  • AES serves as an advocate for students with disabilities, working as a mediator with faculty over classroom issues, with administrators regarding campus policies, and encouraging the university to expand its vision and policies regarding persons with disabilities.

AES at Indiana University Purdue University Columbus

Columbus students, needing accommodations, should refer to the AES website section on appropriate documentation since their documentation will be evaluated by the staff of AES. Accommodations and services will be arranged on the Columbus campus. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the IUPUC's Academic Advising area's front desk at (812) 348-7271 and asking for the individual in charge of working with students with disabilities.



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