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Additional Services

Lab Partners

If a student requires a partner for hands-on work in a laboratory or an assistant to help manipulate items in class, the student should first try to get a class member volunteer. If such an approach does not work, please contact AES to make arrangements.

Reading Services for Blind Students, Students with Poor Vision and Students with Learning Disabilities

If students' documented disability warrants it, AES will explore a number of strategies which allow students with sight or learning disabilities to access text, whether daily newspapers, novels, textbooks, supplementary books, articles or materials needed to do research projects. Frequently, the method which allows the students the greatest degree of independence may be books on tape or the use of software which converts text to the spoken word. For other students or specific projects, a reader may be provided, though the use of technology is considered the first strategy.

Informing Faculty of Accommodations

As mentioned earlier, with a copy of a student's schedule and an indication of which of the approved accommodations a student would like for each class, AES will, upon request, contact faculty informing them of the approved accommodations. This may be done for each class requiring accommodations every semester and as early in the semester as possible.


Interpreting and Captioning
Additional Services
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