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This form may be downloaded from this website and taken to the interview or filled in at the interview. Since there is a great deal of information that the student and the interviewer need to discuss, the best idea is to fill out the form totally or in part before you arrive.

If you'd like to fill the form out electronically before you arrive or e-mail it to our office in anticipation of your visit, please fill out the pdf form located at the link below. Once completed, save the finished copy to your desktop and e-mail the form back to us at

Download application form (PDF)

Confidentiality of Records

For many students an important consideration before providing information on their disabilities is whether that information will be kept confidential. The answer is yes. IUPUI and all other public institutions of higher education are bound by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regarding the privacy of student records. Even parents may be excluded from access to students' records, depending on the age and financial relation of the individuals as defined by the IRS.

Furthermore, AES records are kept separately from students' academic records, so while the latter can be circulated for academic reasons both inside and outside the university, AES' records may not. Furthermore, when faculty or schools at IUPUI contact AES regarding accommodations or waivers, AES only releases the functional limitations of the students, not their documentation, their specific disability, or other AES records. Students may sign a FERPA Consent to Release Information waiver, requesting AES to release specific information to specific individuals. No services or accommodations depend on the release of such information.

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