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Becoming an AES Client

In order to receive services, a student must be an AES client which requires the completion of three steps: 
1) an interview 
2) filling out AES' application form 
3) the submission of current comprehensive documentation that substantiates the nature and severity of disabilities. 

The AES staff then reviews the materials and determines which services a student is entitled to receive. Since this process may take several weeks, it is wise to start the process before the start of the first semester or as soon as the student has registered for classes. In some cases, the student may wish to start even before formal admission because of the need for assistance in the admission or testing process.

**Even though a student with a disability may be registered with AES, the academic area of discipline chosen by the student may have technical standards which IUPUI may not be able to accommodate.

For more information on how to become a client, visit our student resources area.

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