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Equipment and Room Needs

Some students with disabilities have specific needs regarding chairs, tables or lab surfaces. Often such equipment is not in a typical class room or lab. The student should call AES as soon as possible to make arrangements for this type of accommodation. Also if the equipment disappears, the student should contact AES to report this.

Also, although this is rarely the case as the campus eliminates our older buildings, if a student cannot access a classroom because of the lack of a ramp, no elevators, the size of the doorway or other physical impediments to access, the student should contact AES immediately. Working with a student and the registrar’s office, AES will find possible solutions to the problem such as changing the location of the classroom, changing a student’s section or class, or postponing a class to another semester when possible.

Accessibility is also IUPUI's responsibility for classes, visitations and other academic activities off campus. Schools with off campus practicum or fieldwork need to be mindful of such matters prior to the beginning of each semester when working with students with disabilities. AES will work with any school or program to resolve any issues that might arise.

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