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Interpreters are a service that IUPUI is well known for and as a result has attracted a large number of deaf or hard of hearing students to IUPUI. AES employs several full time highly qualified interpreters to help students in class by interpreting what the faculty and fellow students say. Deaf students are strongly urged to register early and bring their OneStart schedules to AES immediately to start the process for receiving services for each semester. Since there are a finite number of qualified interpreters, those students, needing interpreters, or having preferred interpreters, may found that there is a delay in receiving interpreters or that their preferred interpreters have already been scheduled.

Interpreters also are available for faculty conferences, advising sessions, and at faculty-student conferences. Most major campus events have interpreters, generally at one corner of the stage, or captioning equipment. For smaller events such as a club meeting, students need to contact AES for information about how such meetings can be covered. The IUPUI graduation ceremony has interpreters or captionists. But other events may not automatically plan for interpreters, so students need to contact AES or the organization sponsoring an event to ensure that interpreters or captioning equipment will be available.


The campus is currently designing a formal captioning policy. Faculty are encouraged to obtain videos that have captions or when creating new materials to provide captioning.


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