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A student should schedule an interview, preferably in person (if extenuating circumstances arise, contact AES for alternative arrangements) with an AES staff member to start the process of becoming an AES client. At the interview, a staff member will cover the following topics including:

  • The student's ideas on a major
  • Prior services provided in high school or another post-secondary institution
  • AES's services and those of special interest to the student based on the student's intended major.
  • The application form
  • The standards and importance of getting appropriate documentation

The student can at this meeting sign a release which allows AES to contact the student's doctors directly, requesting documentation for the student.

If the student is coming directly from high school and has been receiving services in high school, the staff member will review the significant differences between high school and IUPUI regarding services. The major similarity is that neither education system may discriminate but after that many things are different. The key difference is the shifting of responsibility from the school system to the individual. To see more of the specific differences, go to Differences Between High School and College for Students with Disabilities.

Students may bring other people with them to the interview, but depending on the students' age and relationship to the other people, AES may require the students to sign a FERPA release (PDF). The FERPA release allows AES to discuss medical and other protected information in front of third parties. AES encourages students to do most of the talking. It is a good idea to think of or jot down questions about the application process, services, and opportunities at IUPUI. If the student requires an interpreter for the interview, the student should advise AES when scheduling the interview.

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