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Previously Undocumented Students

Students who believe that they have disabilities but who have never been tested or those whose documentation is outdated will be given the names, if necessary, of local professionals or organizations that do testing including CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Service – an IUPUI service) and a providers list maintained by Vocational Rehabilitation.

Following completion of the three steps above, the AES review team will determine whether the student is eligible for accommodations. The student will be contacted in order to set up an appointment to discuss whether the documentation was adequate and exactly what services the student's functional limitations indicate are appropriate. At this appointment, the student is given a copy of the form "AES Intake Checklist" (PDF).

All students are not eligible for all the services AES provides unless their functional limitations warrant those services. If a student is eligible for services, the student becomes an AES client and remains so throughout his or her time at IUPUI unless there is a change in their disability.

Inadequacy of Documentation

For students that the review team finds the documentation is inadequate or does not indicate the level of a disability warranting accommodations, AES will contact the student to schedule an appointment to discuss the rationale for the denial. If the issue is that the documentation is incomplete, outdated, insufficient, or fails to address the items that AES has indicated are necessary, the student will be so informed and urged to complete the documentation. If necessary, referrals will be made, so the student can obtain adequate documentation. The student should act immediately, get the needed documentation and resubmit it. If a student is still dissatisfied with the decision, the student can request a meeting with the director. The director will review the documentation and render a decision

If the student wants to appeal the decision of the Director then the student may appeal to the Office of Equal Opportunity.

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