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Accommodations Process

Accommodations are not automatic. Students must request accommodations every semester and determine whether they need a specific service for each class. Students are encouraged to sign up for services as soon as they register for classes. In other cases, students may wish to wait until they receive a syllabus so that they know the expectations of the instructor i.e. – the number and length of papers, field trips, reading loads, types of exams, etc. 

Many faculty members have their syllabi and/or class outlines on-line at Oncourse or at their websites so students can view them before classes start. Students may also contact the departmental secretary or the instructor to obtain copies of the syllabus before classes start. This can be especially important if students need textbooks on tape or captioning since such items take time to produce.

In order to obtain accommodations, students need to provide a copy of their OneStart registration information (a current schedule in list view format) which allows AES to see their classes, sections, times, days and locations. If there are changes in room locations, the student must inform AES immediately. 

With students' schedules and accommodation requests, AES staff members will determine what accommodations students should receive for each of their classes. This process needs to be completed every semester and as soon as possible following registration. Two business days after providing the schedule and accommodation requests, the following documents will be made available to pick up, sign, date and return:  

These forms need to be taken to the faculty, filled out, signed and returned to AES. Alternative arrangements can be made in the event of extenuating circumstances. Once AES has these forms back, students can schedule testing accommodations for their exams; however, the testing accommodations must be confirmed at least two business days before the examinations 

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Accommodations Process
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