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Steps to getting testing and/or other accommodations

  1. Interview with AES
  2. Complete filling out AES Application form (PDF) at the interview
  3. Provide documentation following AES' standards for documentation
  4. AES approval of documentation of disabilities
  5. Every semester to get any type of accommodations or services, you need to provide a copy of OneStart showing your classes for the upcoming semester. Hand written copies are not acceptable nor will AES print copies for you. You must request specific accommodations for each and every class in which you believe that you need accommodations.
  6. After 2 business days, you will be given a form entitled "Student Responsibility Acknowledgement" (PDF) which should be signed, dated, and the original left with AES. This form lays out the rules and policies that AES expects a student to follow if a student wishes to receive services.
  7. Once that form is returned, you will pick up 2 forms for each class that you will receive accommodations in. The first form is "Student Services Cover Sheet" or in other words, the "AES Approved Accommodations Form" (PDF). This form lists for a specific class the accommodations or services that you have been approved for. The form needs to be taken to your faculty member for a signature. The faculty member keeps the copy and returns the original to you. The faculty member keeps the copy and the original is returned to AES. It would wise for students to make a copy of this form for their own records.
  8. The second form is "The Testing Transportation Form" (PDF). You and the instructor must sign and date the form. The instructor must indicate any specific instructions regarding the exam. An example is an economics test where a calculator would be permitted to do the figuring. Another might be if the exam was an open book exam. The instructor should indicate the amount of time that the class will have for the exam on this form.
  9. If changes in the schedule (date, time, length of the examination) occur, both the student and instructor must initial the change and the student must return the form to AES and the instructor must contact AES to confirm that a change has been made.
  10. If the instructor has any questions, the instructor should call (317) 274-3241 or e-mail Such questions might include what to do about 5 minute in-class quizzes, exams which take up half the class period and have lecture following the exam (one way to resolve this is to flip the order - have the class portion and then the exam so that the student can be in class for the lecture and then go to the examination which will allow additional time). Once the instructor signs the TA form (Testing Accommodations Form), the instructor keeps the copy, and the original is returned to AES as soon as possible. Again making a copy for a student's records is a good idea.
  11. When a student brings the forms (for each class or section) back to AES, the student should attach a class syllabus which indicates when examinations are to be held. Once this paperwork is completed, the student may schedule specific examinations and the finals in AES office. NOTE: Exams are scheduled for the same day and time as the rest of the class takes the exam unless specific permission from the instructor is provided. Students should work with the AES staff who will schedule the examination in the Test Schedule Book on the appropriate day and time (the same day and time as class meets or when finals are scheduled). Only if the instructor e-mails permission or comes to the AES office in person, can an examination be scheduled on a different day or time or changes in the length of time allotted to the class and therefore for a student who gets extra time. Neither calls nor campus/US mail notes are acceptable.
  12. At least two business days before the examination, the student needs to confirm the scheduled examination with the AES staff. The student should verify the date, time and location of the testing if it is not in the regular classroom. Tests will be proctored in the Lab (UL 3135 H). Confirmation must be repeated for each examination for which testing accommodations are requested.
  13. If a student, for any reason misses a test, the student will have to get the instructor to e-mail special permission to reschedule the examination at another date/time. Examinations will automatically be returned to the faculty member after the original scheduled time for the examination, regardless of whether the student takes the exam, so AES cannot proctor the examination at any other time without the faculty member's permission and the return of the examination (or more likely a different version of the examination).
  14. AES's rules for proctoring examinations are very specific to ensure that the work done is that of the student and only the student.
    1. The student must sign-in on the sign-in sheet.
    2. No notes, books, electronic devises, book bags, purses are permitted in the testing area without permission from the faculty. Lockers, locks and keys are provided by AES. You will be informed of this when you schedule the examination so you should be aware of these rules.
    3. Assistive technology may be used if approved by the AES professional staff.
    4. Proctors shall be present at all times while the student is taking the exam. Proctors, providing reading services, are not allowed to paraphrase questions or answer any questions.
    5. Students are allowed breaks if warranted and necessary because of the disability or if other students have such breaks. Any time allotted to breaks shall be noted and the amount of time shall be included in the students' over all test-taking time. Students leaving the testing room for a rest break shall be accompanied by an AES student employee.
    6. If a student is caught cheating, the incident shall be reported immediately to the AES professional staff for further instruction. The incident will be written up in the comments section of the test routing sheet.
    7. Lab Etiquette: Students and staff shall be respectful of other students taking exams. Please keep distractions (undue traffic/movements, talking, eating, foot or pencil taps, etc) to a minimum.
    8. Neither staff nor students should place or receive phone calls during the testing period. All cell phones must be turned off during the testing period.


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